Welcome to Agilkia!

Agilkia is a Python toolkit to support AI-for-Testing, especially as applied to the smart testing of web services and web sites.

The toolkit is intended to make it easier to build testing tools that learn from traces of customer behaviors, analyze those traces for common patterns and unusual behaviors (e.g. using clustering techniques), learn machine learning (ML) models of typical behaviors, and use those models to generate smart tests that imitate customer behaviors.

Agilkia is intended to provide a storage and interchange format that makes it easy to built ‘smart’ tools on top of this toolkit, often with just a few lines of code. The main focus of this toolkit is saving and loading traces in a standard JSON format, and transforming those traces to and from lots of other useful formats, including:

  • Pandas DataFrames (for data analysis and machine learning);
  • ARFF files (for connection to Weka and the StackedTrees tools);
  • SciPy Linkage matrices (for hierarchical clustering and drawing Dendrograms);
  • CSV files in application-specific formats (requires writing some Python code).

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